Student- and Community-Engaged Research Projects

Here are four student- and community-engaged community research projects that I have completed with ASU undergraduate students and the local community.

Identifying Barriers to Economic Self-Sufficiency

Partnering with the Appalachian Women’s Fund, senior sociology students conducted research to discern what barriers women face in attempting to obtain economic self-sufficiency while living in the High Country.

DWI Adjudication Report for Watauga County

Working with several local agencies, the court system, and law enforcement, this research report examined what legal factors predicted DWI adjudications in Watauga County. Jonda Sanders, an undergraduate ASU sociology major, helped to compile and analyze the data.

Affordable Housing Research in Watauga County

A project completed by my Senior Seminar course that worked with the Town of Boone and Watauga County to research the availability and issues of affordable housing in the area.

Latino Health Research Report

A collaboration with local health agencies and professionals to examine the barriers that Latino immigrants face in accessing health care in Western North Carolina.


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