Trump Wins and Liberals Lose

And so, it begins. Donald J. Trump, the man, the myth, and soon to be the legend, has won the presidency of the United States of America. Certainly, many pollsters and media outlets have seen a serious turnover and loss of employment for not having a clue on how to predict this clear victory over Hillary Clinton (“Killary”“Killary” for those that voted for Trump).hillary-clinton-supporter-cry

Within a few days of his election, Trump has begun to assemble his Cabinet and Advisors, which looks to be an interesting mix of White Nationalists at worst. Or at least, a lot of inexperienced alt-right expats and media jockeys who finally have their day in the lime light of the federal government. Also, while Trump denies any problems with the transition, it looks to be that even the two disenfranchised political parties have no plans of questioning this transition. Moreover, and I keep hearing in the Media, “let’s give Trump a chance to settle down and see what happens.” Isn’t that what most Americans did for two years before the election? Please shut-up Media and actually cover some real news about world events and national suffering that continues beyond the “Donald.”

However, this isn’t the reason for this post. I want to talk about the fact that Liberals lost their footing last week. As reported across every major American news channel, the Democrats lost the vote from white women, working class white men, and 1/3 of the Latino vote.  Of course, it was the Democrat’s fault for losing these groups since they treated them as “shoe-ins” and not as free-thinking folks. For example, why think that Latinos would vote for Democrats when many of them are not immigrants and are worried about immigration too? Also, Former Secretary of State Clinton’s message of “hate the Trump,” didn’t resonate at all with Millennials or Gen Xers. So, what happened? Where did liberals go wrong and as a race scholar, I think it is abundantly clear, reverse racism is real!!

Yes, I said it. Reverse discrimination drove the vote to where white folks, regardless of gender and social class, turned out in droves to vote for change in a government that they say as corrupt and too politically correct. In fact, when Clinton called Trump supporters “deplorable,” she lost the White vote. I would even argue that Whites already had the shit scared out of them when the U.S. Census decided to release population projections for 2044 that suggested the White population will be the NUMERICAL minority.As any sociologist studying race will tell you, when you call the privileged the enemy and suggest they are stupid and outnumbered, you are bound to have some backlash (see Omi and Winant 2015). Or, as I heard from Trae Crowder on Bill Maher, who is a self-proclaimed “liberal redneck,” Democrats pissed off working class whites to the point of “fuck it!”

Now, let me explain my proclamation of “reverse racism” is real. I should state up front that I’m being facetious and there is no research that suggests that Whites are losing their economic or social advantages because Non-Whites have finally taken power and are now using said power to take revenge. No, what I am suggesting is the perception of reverse racism is real for White Americans and they have had enough! Now, this has been the message for the KKK, white nationalists, and white separatists for decades. However, those guys (and gals) have been long considered by moderate, God-fearing Whites as extreme nut-jobs, even though one of those folks might be the senior advisor to Trump for 4 years.

Anyway, Whites (regardless of social class status), and I hear it among my friends, family, and peers, are tired of immigrants taking their jobs, Muslims invading and terrorizing their communities, and big business has shipped out all jobs worth a shit in pay and benefits. Of course, research an real numbers suggest otherwise but we live in an age of anti-intellectualism and fake news; so, this can’t be true. Even in my research on immigration and affirmative action policies, the reverse racism rhetoric is prominent from the SB 1070 anti-immigrant laws of Arizona to the Affirmative Action case pushed for some time by Fischer. The point in all of this and by most Whites in fear is that Non-Whites get everything for nothing. They don’t work for it and White America is the only one that carries the country economically and follows the rules (aka Law and Order rhetoric). Of course, I could write about three volumes of how Whites haven’t followed the rules and Law and Order has often advantaged Whites in almost every turn but again, that is not the point in this post. The point here is that Democrats, Liberals, and Non-Whites have alienated Whites from what they see as their God-given and Constitutionally-sound rights. Again, as a race scholar, we would call this signs of historical and structural privileges being challenged for Whites but again, that’s not the point.

The point is, as suggested in the following article, that Liberals and others have lost their ability to talk and include Whites in the conversation. Excluding the majority (numerically and politically) is an awful mistake in the the world of cultural hegemony. Ignoring their cries of betrayal and shaming them for their privilege has only led to a clear backlash against not only supposedly Non-White “advantages”such as living in the country illegally, taking jobs, or not paying taxes (which based on research are not true statements), but also against liberal policies such as worker’s rights, abortion, same-sex marriage, transgender bathroom use, and clean energy. Clearly, while the Liberals thought these were all rational tasks for a democracy to condone, almost 50 percent of (mostly white but other) Americans screamed out, “Bullshit! You can’t tell me what to do and I will show you!”

Thus, welcome to the era of a Trump’s presidency. A president who has never run anything larger a 20-person company; who has fired more working class people than helped; who continues to show allegiance to white nationalists; who doesn’t mind a little grabbing and locker room talk about your mother, sister, or daughter; who wants to give his family members top-secret clearance (WTF??!!??); who wants to take away working class access to healthcare; who can’t make manufacturing jobs come back because that is bad business practice to pay more for labor; who will soon make an alliance with Russia that will lead to betraying decade’s old alliances, etc., etc., etc. However, I digress. Liberal America you’ve been poking the sleeping giant of White America since the 1960s and it finally woke and said, “Stop it or I’ll grand your bones into bread!”



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Assistant Professor of Sociology at Appalachian State University.
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