Eat More Chikin! – Unless You’re Gay, then Stay Away?

Today, Billy Graham, the unofficial Pope of the Southern Baptist Convention, came out today to defend Chick-Fil-A’s political decision as a private business to not support Gay Marriage, as well as serving the LBGT community. I know that everyone has their “right” to express their views on whatever they wish but what does selling chicken sandwiches to make a profit have to do with gay marriage? Certainly, this cow-hating company is not new to their steadfast beliefs in bringing Christianity into every juicy bite of their chicken products. Hell, they even hate Jim Henson and his finger puppets!

I thought private industry and business ownership thrives on selling its product to every possible market? I’m sure this might cut into their profits, especially since they are based in one of the biggest Southern Gay Meccas in Dixie (Atlanta). Well, I guess I won’t be spending money at my kids favorite place to not eat their food and run around like crazy. I wonder when they will start fighting against adultery or to not covet thy neighbor’s fully-loaded, DVD-playing mini van and balloon-filled birthday parties?


About lippardcd

Assistant Professor of Sociology at Appalachian State University.
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